Irina Zyryanova


Faculty: humanities
Why did you come to PTE?: I was looking for the opportunity to dance and develop myself as a dancer
Since you've been dancing?: I started to dance when my mother took me to the ballroom dancing class being 6 years old
Date of joining the PTE Dance Ensemble: it happened in September 2018
Favourite Dance Styles: depends on my mood usually, but mostly contemporary dancing
Mood of Exercise: !!!...
Most memorable action: every last performance
What did the dance group give you?: Highly dedicated people around me, with whom we share the same passion and love for dancing
How did you feel, since you've been a member of the dance ensemble?: Crazy enough to have a smile with no reason several times during the day
Why is it good to be a member of a dance ensemble?: you know for sure, that regardless on what happens in life, there is always a place where you will feel better