We organise our photo shooting called “Back to the Tales” in May-June 2015 when the most well-known tale figures will be captured in those places of Pécs which are similar to their typical environment, involving the children interested.

Our second fabulous dance show is planned for 2016, in which tales and tale figures play an important role again, who can help children become more well-balanced adults by making their lives more colourful, their fantasy more vivid and their souls stronger.

Here we would like to organise an exhibition where the most interesting photos, costumes and story-books of the project’s former events can be seen.

Also in 2016 we plan to publish a story-book in which the plot of the dance show is processed. With the help of the world of tales, following the traditional way of illustration, hidden between the lines the essence of our message appears as a moral. Our aim is to reach the ones concerned through the most possible channels because thus people with different interests will definitely meet our message in one way or another.