The University of Pécs started a series of charity events in the academic year 2013/2014, called Fabulous… .

As a part of that we would like to convey our message to thousands of pre-school and elementary school children and their parents: how important the invaluable time spent together in families is, as a result of which children's emotions and creativity may develop to a great extent. A tool of that may be everyday story-telling.

A campaign of Médiaunió Foundation in 2011/2012, called "Tell a tale everyday" had a great impact on public opinion. Thousands of parents realized the value of the time spent together with their children and deepened in the magic world of tales. We believe that its importance cannot be emphasized enough and society' attention must be driven to it again and again. Along these thoughts the University of Pécs would have liked to reawake this campaign, mainly locally, enjoying the support of the foundation.

The two-act dance show of the UP Dance Team, called Fabulous… created the spine of the project and its aim is to present this topic. The performance offers an insight into the magic world of tales sometimes with new interpretations, in modern perception, highlighting a tale's more or less famous pieces, hidden into a touching story. The audience can meet the well-known tale figures in a colourful performance with spectacular costumes and catchy tunes. The cast consists of those students and employees of our university who are also the representatives of any branches of performing arts.

The message of the campaign was publicized at a series of charity actions at schools and kindergartens by presenting certain scenes of the dance show and by the given tale read by a popular person connecting to the UP. These programs ended by a short fabulous choreography taught to the children, which was later danced at the closing event in spring 2014 by pupils of all institutions taking part in the campaign.


The campaign lasted for 8 months from 5 September 2013 to 29 April 2014. During this time

2 sold-out performances were held

5 patrons supported our work

17 popular story-tellers connecting to the UP enchanted the children

18 tales were presented at schools and kindergartens

20 incantations helped the Fairy and the children to make magic

24 members of the UP Dance Team danced and acted at the events

30 campaign stations became the empire of tales

39 cooperating partners supported the noble aim

40 scene tales became memorable experiences with the help of dance, acting and music

45 boxes became chock-full at the story-book collecting places 

49 participators made magic at the venues

more than 50 media paid attention to the events

100 kinds of colourful costumes astonished the audiences

more than 150 media appearances helped the people to become part of the magic

200 jolly tale figures flew the viewers to a fabulous world

2500 children, parents, teachers danced the fabulous choreography

3500 story-books were collected that will bring fabulous moments to their new little owners

7000 viewers' hearts got full of Fabulous... experiences 



From September 2013 to April 2014 a story-book collection was held, too. We were happy to get eitker new or used books. Our aim was that the most children possible could feel the magic world of tales. The schools and kindergartens received the books that had been collected during the 8-month-long period at the closing event of the campaign.


The campaign came to the end but the project is still spreading the message.


Further details: UP Rector's Office Marketing Department Campaign- and Project Office Beáta Szuhán-Glass, campaign manager, szuhan-glass.beata@pte.huBeatrix Bánkyné Perjés, project manager,


Story-book collecting places

Cooperating partners


Media appearances