Meher Muhammad Zeeshan


Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences

Why did you come to PTE: I got a scholarship here, and also educational standered is nice here.

Since you've been dancing: Always learning to be better since 2016.

Date of joining the PTE Dance Ensemble: September 2018

Favorite Dance Styles: Hiphop, break dance

Mood of Exercise: Biking

Most memorable action: Kodaly kozpont performance

What did the dance group give you? : Acceptance, Confidence, Motivation of learning not only dance but Hungarian language and culture.

How did you feel, since you've been a member of the dance ensemble? : I have never been that happy abroad, thanks to PTE Tancolo Egyetem, Pecs feels more than a home now. Every member of team is awesome and welcoming.

Why is it good to be a member of a dance ensemble?: It gives me a chance to adapt, find similarities with others, learn new culture and get the real local experience also it helps me stay healthy.